What we mean by living an aligned life

If you have spent any time around us you have likely heard us talk about alignment and living an aligned life. It has certainly emerged as one of the central themes driving all the work that we do in the difference engine. It is taking centre stage in our workshops and it is where we are operating from in the DE and with anyone we work with.

So if you need a refresher or if you are just joining in on the DE conversation here is a quick description of what “Living an Aligned Life” means to us.

Short answer: Accessing the world of flow and an harmonious existence.

Longer answer:

When we talk about living an aligned life we are looking firstly at four key aspects to how we are organized in life.

First –  alignment with source. This is you with yourself. One of the most powerful things you can do is to get deeply connected with yourself. Who you are. What is your purpose in the world. What are you here to fulfill that when doing so leaves you joyous fulfilled and deeply satisfied in life. Standing here life seems simple and clear. You are grounded and certain. Your concern is not what others think of you or if you will succeed. Instead it is on playing your best game in realizing who you are in the world around you. It is both peaceful and exciting at the same time. There are no threats, only opportunities and you experience riding the flow of life.

Second – creating your endeavors aligned with who you are. Your job, your business, your non-profit, your projects. When you are clear about your calling in life you have the ability to choose or design what you engage as a clear architecture and environment to have who you are flourish and be fully realized in the world.

Third – to have what you design and build (such as your business) be aligned powerfully with what the world needs and wants in a manner that generates benefit without a cost to life. Operating in society and the world as an ecosystem the projects you build forward life in a balanced manner. What you create is aligned with who you are and the world so there is a steady flow.

Fourth – within an organization having the group of people participating fully aligned with the intention or purpose of that organization (which, as above, is already aligned with you and the world).  One of the characteristics of a high performance or smoothly running operation is clear alignment of all individuals to the intent of the group. For instance in surgery, keeping the patient alive. In a sports game, putting the ball in the net. With a band or orchestra, having the entire piece of music turn out. This is in sharp contrast to having a group of people only self serving their own interests when trying to operate as a team. It is possible to create any group or team to be working very cleanly and powerfully aligned inside a single intention that is thoughtfully created to be of service to all.

Aug, 03, 2016