New Workshop Testimonial

IMG_0777Erin Ross is founder and co-CEO of Get That you Matter – from her site:

Erin  has been committed to bringing transformation and awakening to the world for over 25 years. As a workshop facilitator for Challenge Day and Café Gratitude, teacher, writer, life coach, mother and founder and co-CEO of Get That You Matter, Erin has inspired thousands of people to listen to their deepest wisdom and take positive action toward being the leaders they are here to be.

Erin just completed our 4 day Aligned life workshop and had this to share:

Richard and Anurag… thank you from the bottom of my heart for being SO committed to the collective awakening. It was truly an honor to be in that co-creative space with you and everyone this last weekend. I hope you are both feeling fulfilled and joyful at what was birthed there. I have to say, Jakob and I are absolutely on FIRE about so many things… we created a Mission Statement for our relationship- “Love Amplified” (see photo!)- and have been brainstorming for the last three days about visions, missions and more for our home/community center, The Refuge; his medical practice; and my business, Get That You Matter. We’ve created a daily/weekly architecture and have scheduled meetings with our team members (both his staff at his office and our team at The Refuge). We are so energized and ready to implement what you shared… and, to be honest, Jakob is stepping into himself in a way I have not fully witnessed before, and I am even more inspired by him than i was before.
Thank you doesn’t even come close.

Jul, 28, 2016